The new digital ecosystem reality: Innovation’s next frontier is in customer service

As customer expectations evolve, customer service has emerged as the next critical differentiator. Forwardthinking companies
understand that the future of customer service is proactive, integrated and omnipresent. In their quest to improve the customer experience, many organizations have overlooked a key element: customer support. Traditional support is episodic and event-driven, with the onus on customers to initiate and maintain contact.

Customers, however, have come to expect much more. The next-generation customer experience requires innovation in service and support across all access channels—contact center, web, mobile, social, email and face to face. Technology is helping to transform customer service in many ways, providing customer support teams with new tools to dramatically improve the service experience.

The next generation of customer service will be proactive, integrated and omnipresent. Do you have a foundation in place to turn the service experience into competitive advantage?

Overzicht van de belangrijkste trends in klantinteractie in de komende jaren.

PwC Technology Institute, Augustus 2014. Download:  technology-institute-service-innovation-final-august-2014