The Culture Value Chain: Business Impacts Defined

Frost & Sullivan spoke with members of TELUS International, a global BPO provider, to get their perspective on the importance of an organization’s culture and the impacts it has on customers and on the business itself. What follows is a set of viewpoints, from both TELUS International and Frost & Sullivan, which explore the intersection of culture, Customer Experience and the contact center.

Lees het white paper: ICMI-Culture-Value-Chain-Telus

6 Traits of Great Company Culture

Several studies confirm the correlation between corporate culture and financial performance, employee engagement, levels of innovation and customer satisfaction. Companies such as P&G, Southwest Airlines, FedEx and Starbucks have been able to differentiate and excel in highly competitive markets in part by developing and sustaining healthy cultures. By the same token, the toxic cultures of firms such as GM, Blackberry and Air Canada have contributed to declining market performance. In short: culture matters. But what exactly is culture? Lees meer: 6 Traits of Great Company Culture