De nieuwe rol van het contactcenter

‘The Contact Center’s Emerging Role’

Er zijn veel verschillende manieren om contact te onderhouden met klanten. Deze voorbeelden laten zien dat het contactcenter verandert in een communicatiehub.

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The Essentials of Customer Care

The Essentials of Customer Care eBook features 16 leading experts sharing their visions on the ideal customer service.


“Never forget the value of your customer.”

“This was a game changer for us.”

“Invest in intelligent self-service solutions.”

“Eat your own dog food!”

“Customer Service is not rocket science.”

“Measure what matters to customers.”

“We have a customer service culture driven by our passion for innovation.”

“It’s the experience stupid.”

“Customers want to know how important they are to you.”

“Associate satisfaction drives customer satisfaction.”

“Customer service is the competitive advantage for all organizations.”

“Make the customer journey enjoyable.”

“Not only because it’s good business, it’s the right thing to do.”

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Inside the mind of your customers

IntelliResponse recently conducted a Google consumer survey where we asked 1000 consumers to share what they really think about the service they received from the businesses they deal with. Some of the results may sound surprising, but all of them validate the emergence of a customer-led shift toward self-service in digital channels. In this report we take you on a tour through the survey results of the 7 questions. We’re sharing the unfiltered questions and answers straight from the survey, so you can see for yourself exactly how customers expect their relationship with your company to unfold.

Rapport van IntelliResponse (2014): IRGoogleSurvey-InsidetheMindofyourCustomers

Why companies should care about e-care

Digital customer service is now a strategic imperative, but its adoption is hampered by weaknesses in delivery strategies and incomplete measurement of its effectiveness.

Artikel van Raffaella Bianchi (senior expert at McKinsey Milan) en Davide Schiavotto (associate principal) en Daniel Svoboda (principal at McKinsey Prague)

Waar blijft de Chief Customer Officer? (interview en video)

Klantgerichte organisaties kunnen verder komen als ze op boardroomniveau iemand aanstellen die een coordinerende rol vervult voor alle zaken die met klanten te maken hebben. Een gesprek met Hüseyin Güngör over de waarde van de Chief Customer Officer. Inclusief videointerview (in de pdf) met Güngör tijdens de Multichanneldagen van 2011.

Verschenen in CR&T 2011 nr. 4 CR&T 2011-4 De CCO